"Candles You Can Feel Good About" - It's not just a "tagline"...it is our mission!

Welcome to Elysian Light Candles!

I'm Shierlyn, the founder of Elysian Light Candles. Growing up in the Philippines, I always had a passion for candles. When I moved to the U.S. in 2019, my husband and I decided to turn this passion into a business, and thus, Elysian Light Candles was born.

Located in Horseheads, NY, we meticulously hand-pour each candle in small batches, ensuring the highest quality. We use only the finest sustainable materials, including all-natural, U.S.-sourced soy wax. Our candles are vegan, eco-friendly, and free from harmful chemicals, offering a safe and sustainable option for your home.

In our family-run business, my husband manages the marketing while I focus on crafting our exquisite candles. We continuously explore new fragrances and will soon expand our offerings to include room and car diffusers, room spray air fresheners, and specialty molds.

Elysian Light Candles is also proud to offer custom candles for corporate gifting and special events, adding a unique touch to every occasion.

Join us on our journey to bring the finest all-natural soy candles and eco-friendly products into your home. Our mission is to transform your space into a relaxing and inviting haven with our exquisite fragrances.

Experience the elegance and warmth of Elysian Light Candles.