Tailored Ambiance for Every Occasion

Bring a unique flair to any gathering with Elysian Light Candles. Our specialty candles can be customized to match the mood and style of your event, from intimate dinner parties to large family gatherings. Let us help you select the perfect scents and designs to make your event unforgettable. For personalized service, please reach out to us at 607-295-1194 or via email at info@elysianlightcandles.com

Corporate Gifting Made Memorable

Elysian Light Candles offers a custom-made candle service ideal for corporate gifting that can elevate your brand's presence. Customize candles with your company's logo and select from a variety of luxurious scents to align with your brand identity. These premium candles serve as sophisticated gifts that can impress clients, reward employees, or enhance any corporate event with a touch of personalized elegance.

Memorable Favors for Guests

With Elysian Light Candles, your wedding favors can be as meaningful and unique as your ceremony. We provide personalized candles that can feature your wedding date, names, or a special message, crafted in fragrances chosen by you. These beautifully packaged candles serve not only as a token of appreciation but also as a lovely reminder of your joyous occasion, allowing your guests to take home a piece of your magical day.


Family Reunion Keepsakes

Make your family reunion extra special with personalized candles from Elysian Light Candles. Choose scents that evoke cherished memories or select colors that represent your family's heritage. These candles can be customized with the family name, reunion year, or a meaningful quote, making them perfect as table centerpieces or heartfelt gifts for each family member to take home as a memento of the shared time together.